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トウキョウカボッション Tokyo Cabochon

東京七宝 Tokyo shippou ・Cloisonné 



*カボッション … 切子面の無い、丸く研磨されたという意味


This is a cabochon* ring which was created using the techniques of cloisonné. The color image was inspired from Tokyo and its landscape. You can see the configuration of the silver surface with transparent, semi-transparent and opaque with special colors of cloisonne glaze on the ring. It was created by a craftman, Hatakeyama, skillfully and sophisticatedly. Hatakeyama’s particular techniques, “Plique-a-jour Enamel”, were applied in some of the designs. We would like to devise the products that provide a fresh wind into the Tokyo cloisonne with a long history. *Cabochon means without facet and roundly polished.





村田 繭衣 ジュエリーデザイナー メタル/エナメルアーティスト

MAI MURATA Jewellery Designer Metal/Enamel Artist

畠山 弘 東京七宝職人


販売価格 AtNight/Like A Diamond 20,520円(税込)

販売価格 Green Zone 23,760円(税込)